The wedding party timeline…or in other words, how to plan a belter of an evening reception. Man oh man! Time has bloomin flown since I started writing my series of helpful blog posts. The wedding season is well and truly here, and it is AWESOME :D If you are still in the throes of putting together your perfect day, this series will be awwwwwfy handy I hope. Planning a wedding is such a new experience for folk, so if this little corner of the internet can help you plan a belter of a wedding timeline then I’ll be pretty chuffed :)

planning your wedding party timeline - dancing at Kinkell Byre

Serious shapes at Laura & Gavin’s Kinkell Byre wedding


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The reception timeline. If you’ve been reading my other blog posts about how to plan the utter shiz out of your wedding day timeline, then this is the next piece of that delicious little puzzle. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – planning a wedding is an incredibly new experience to a lot of couples – so the aim of this blog series is to give you free access to the inside scoop on making those timings tip to the top. So you’ve nailed your timings in the morning, the ceremony was an absolute breeze sooooo…what next? Next is your wedding reception timeline – that bit of time after the I Do’s and before the dancin’ yo :D

Two brides leaving their ceremony for their reception timeline


Ceremony timeline – the next part in what is hopefully a pretty handy insight into planning your wedding day. As I mentioned in the first part of the series – planning a wedding can be an awwwwfy new experience for most folks. With that in mind it seemed a cool idea to give you an insight into the minds of some rather nice people who see a fair few weddings, and therefore have some experience that you can tap into, right goddam here for free!

ceremony timeline - walking to your ceremony