Your Wedding Deets :)

Your way to tell us all the final little details that are going to make your wedding epic :) Once this lands in our inbox, we will have a good gander at it and be in touch. Please note, there is a 'save and continue later' option if you scroll to the bottom of this form - just in case you are unable to do it all in one go :) xx
  • my number is +447816597812 should you need it :)
  • the wedding details :)

  • If you are arriving together you can just fill in one of these boxes :)
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  • If your ceremony location is the same as your prep, you can leave this bit blank :)
  • What kind of ceremony are you having? Is there anything else you think I should know, perhaps you are having a hand-fasting, reading etc? Also, who is marrying you both?
  • If your reception venue is the same as your ceremony, you can leave this part blank :)
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  • Don't worry, we don't expect to be seated at the top table ha! Ideally somewhere that we can back up memory cards and such like is perfect :)
  • family & bridal party information :)

  • don't forget to add your name so I know who your family are :)
  • don't forget to add your name so I know who your family are :)
  • group shots

  • Every family is different, so please list any alternative group shots you would like. If you would like over 8 group shots, please make sure that there is time between your ceremony ending and your guests sitting down for dinner for me to do them for you, the last thing I want is to have to rush you on your wedding day :)
  • other bits and pieces :)

  • Your Dream Team Suppliers

    This is super useful for me, I do tend to get emails from folks who are dying to know where 'things are from' :D
  • knowing about this can help me avoid embarrassment by saying the wrong thing :-O
  • This can be anything from a random fact that you have recently heard, to your wedding hashtag on instagram :D