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Edinburgh Engagement | Leanne & Murray

Golden hour for an Edinburgh engagement in June – should be a cinch right? As anyone who lives here knows, we can get all of the seasons in one day, and a summer month does not necessarily mean summer weather. Still, Leanne and Murray didn’t let it bother them and I like that attitude a lot :)


The weather had been scorching all day. ALL day! We knew when sunset was, so we planned to start Leanne and Murray’s engagement shoot around an hour and a half before it. We met up for a bite to eat and a catch up, blazing skies. Perfect! By the time we got out, it appeared to have turned grey without any of us agreeing to it haha! So, a quick stop home so that Leanne could get some jeans on as it was quite baltic, and off we went. Can’t complain too much as grey skies have their own appeal, soft and flattering light for the win as the clouds act like a big softbox, spreading the light of the sun :)

We took a walk to the Old College, Leanne’s old stomping grounds before meandering up to the Royal Mile and Victoria Street. Edinburgh is definitely a very pretty city, with lots of nooks and crannies to explore, and this pair made the adventure even more fun – I especially liked Murray’s wibbly arm that he occassionally broke out for us (see the gif below haha!). This lovely pair are getting hitched at Balbirnie House in January, exactly 7 days after I will be leaving the cameras at home and fulfilling Maid of Honour duties for my best friend Jeff. Wonder if the staff would be ok with me just staying for the week ;) It’s such a beautiful venue, very grand and I cannot wait to see this pair of babes tie the knot :) xx



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