Hello! If you are just here for a gander at your gallery, click on the feather that reads “enter”, then simply pop in your password, and you are good to go!

If you are choosing images for your wedding album, you will need to read the below information first, it won’t take long – promise :)


Creating your Wedding Album

Step 1.

Make a Client Account

I’d say it’s a great idea to do this, because then you can save your selections at any time, then come back to them at other computers. Otherwise you will need to do your entire selection for your album in one sitting! Yeesh!

 Step 2.

Got a client account now? Gooood :) Now to select your favourites to be used in your album.

Click the feather above, which will take you to the client access page. If you have forgotten your password, you can shoot me an email. Once you can see your photographs, click “select photos” on the right hand side at the top and hover over the images to select your favourites. Each time you pick a photo, a tick will appear on the bottom left of each image. Then you can add these to your favourites folder by clicking “add to favourites” at the top. Then keep doing the same until you have all the photographs you want in your book :)

Please remember, if you don’t click ‘add to favourites’ at the end then nothing will be stored, d’oh!

Step 3.

Share you favourites with me!

When you have selected all your favourites, go to the top left corner of the site (while logged in) and click on the Favourites Menu. Then click “Send to…” to share your favourites with me (the photographer). You can add any instructions for the album in that message field (e.g. portrait or landscape orientation, black background instead of white etc). Once I receive your selected favourites, I can start laying out your album. I will share the proof pages with you so you can share your input and any changes you want before it goes to print. Easy peasy!

So if you got this many times did I use the word favourite?! :D