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Ardeonaig Scottish Elopement

This beautiful Ardeonaig Scottish elopement was planned in less that 5 months, and was absolutely beautiful in it’s simplicity.

scottish ardeonaig elopement at loch tay

Laura and Richard knew that the idea of a more traditional, big wedding didn’t suit them. Instead, they did exactly what they wanted with this Ardeonaig Scottish elopement – no easy feat for most couples planning their day – but something I constantly encourage. You get this one shot, so do it how you want it man! Laura and Richard embodied that sentiment exactly. So what did they want? In no particular order;

A 4 minute ceremony with the awesome, wickedly funny Humanist Jennifer Buchan , to get hitched on the pier of Ardeonaig Hotel with Loch Tay and the mountains behind them (whatever the weather!), a giant carrot cake, 3 close friends, an epic suit and awesome French bow-tie, an outstanding, show stopping wedding dress from Unbridaled with the cutest little blue cardigan and? Bucketloads of tea :)

That’s it really – Laura and Richard’s recipe for their perfect wedding day. And it was dynamite. Laura was awffy fond of replying to any of my questions with ‘just follow your heart Jo’ and was adamant that their day would have no faff, just good times – exactly my cup of tea :) And on the day itself? The rain came down, it was hella windy and they didn’t stop laughing the entire time. Perfect.

Laura and Richard prepare ahead of their scottish ardeonaig elopementDave and his best man before his scottish ardenoaig elopementRichard and his best man start walking to his scottish Ardenoaig elopementa reflection of Laura in the mirror at ArdenoaigRichard walking for a moment alone with Laura before their weddingLaura and Richard are ready for their outdoor, February elopement at Ardenoaig!tattooed hand of one of the guests at this tiny weddingRichard holds Laura's hand as they walk down to the pier for their scottish Ardeonaig elopementLaura can't stop laughing at how bad the weather is, but got married out in it anyway!Richard and his best man on their final walk to the pier for Richards scottish ardeonaig elopementThe 4 minute scottish ardenoaig elopement ceremony begins!guest dress blowing on ardenoaig scottish elopementLaura and Richard opted for a very short ceremony by Jennifer Buchan (Humanist celebrant)The wind blows during Laura ad Richard's scottish Ardeonaig elopementardenoaig scottish elopementThe rain pours during the scottish elopementRichard looking at his wife to be during their scottish ardenoaig elpopementA windy, wet, scottish ardeoniag elopementThe quickest ceremony at scottish Ardenoaig is over, 4 minutes total!Jennifer Buchan, with confetti almost in her eye after the ceremonyA newly married couple kiss at Ardenoaig, Loch Tay in the background on their scottish elopement.A newly married couple laugh and hug at Ardenoaig, Loch Tay and mountains in the background on their scottish elopement.A newly married couple kiss at Ardenoaig, Loch Tay and mountains in the background on their scottish elopement.a black & white image of an scottish ardenoaig elopementNewlyweds on the pier during their scottish Ardenoaig elopement, Loch Tay behind themMega happy newlyweds after the scottish ardeonaig elopementlaura and richard walk away after their ardenoaig scottish elopementLaura fixes herself after being outside on her Scottish Ardenoaig ElopementL&R holdng hands after signing their register on their Scottish Ardenoaig Elopementtea and cake on this Scottish Ardenoaig ElopementL&R cut a massive carrot cake and give it out on their Scottish Ardenoaig ElopementL&R and the biggest carrot cake on their Scottish Ardenoaig ElopementEnjoying the best carrot cake on their Scottish Ardenoaig ElopementBest Man has a drink on L&Rs Scottish Ardenoaig ElopementSnuggling by the fire on this Scottish Ardenoaig Elopement

  • Erna Clocherty

    Rubbish weather or not,it’s clear that it was a perfect day for both of you. Our wish is that you have a long and happy life together. Mum and Dad Clocherty xReplyCancel


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